Conference's Material


  • Dr. Dan Cornford
    Uncertainty: the key to interoperable geospatial processing?
  • Ismael Chivite
    ArcGIS Server product manager, ESRI
  • Martin Klopfer
    The Benefits of Open Standards - How to Engage with OGC


  • Dirk Ahlers, Susanne Boll and Daniel Wichmann
    Virtual signposts for location-based story-telling
    • Daniela Ballari, Miguel Angel Manso-Callejo and Monica Wachowicz
      The Interoperability of Wireless Sensor Networks
    • Bastian Baranski
      Grid Computing Enabled Web Processing Service
    • Michael Bauer, Volker Coors, Thorsten Schulz and Alexander Zipf
      On the utilization of 3D city models for mobile navigations systems
    • Ulrich Boes and Raina Pavlova
      Is there a Future for Spatial Data Infrastructures?
    • Johannes Brauner
      Providing GRASS with a Web Processing Service Interface
    • Thomas Brinkhoff, Christof Lindenbeck and Jürgen Weitkämper
      Interoperable Data Processing by Mobile Geospatial Applications
    • Daniele Casciello, Francisco Rivas and Åke Sivertun
      Integration of remote sensed images and semantic based Descriptors for Hazards and risks management
    • Andreas Donaubauer, Tatjana Kutzner and Florian Straub
      Towards a Quality Aware Web Processing Service
    • Tonio Fincke, Victor Lobo and Fernando Bação
      Visualizing self-organizing maps with GIS
    • Theodor Foerster, Javier Morales and Jantien Stote
      A Classification of Generalisation Operators Formalised in OCL
    • Jorge de Jesus, Paul Hiemstra and Grégoire Dubois
      Web-based geostatistics using WPS
    • Roland König, Ralf Neugebauer, Jürgen Biermann, Theodor Gervens, Marcus Bertling and Daniel Kümper
      Cordoning of a Danger Zone
    • Zekeng Liang, Stefan Poslad and Dejian Meng
      Adaptive Sharable Personalized Spatial-Aware Map Services for Mobile Users
    • S.J. Melles, J. Beekhuizen, S. de Bruin, G.B.M. Heuvelink, A. van Dijk and C.J.W. Twenhofel
      Optimizing monitoring networks for contaminant dispersion
    • Edward Nash
      WPS Application Profiles for Generic and Specialised Processes
    • Kathrin Poser, Heidi Kreibich and Doris Dransch
      Humans as Sensors: Assessing the quality of information from the public for rapid flood loss estimation
    • Farhad Samadzadegan, Amin Alvand and Sara Saeedi
      Design and Implementation of a Service Oriented Geospatial Portal for Disaster Risk Management
    • Luis Samaniego and András Bárdossy
      Characterizing the Spatial Variability: examples from the Earth and Mars
    • Bastian Schäffer
      Towards a Transactional Web Processing Service (WPS-T)
    • Jon O. Skøien, Olivier Baume, Edzer J. Pebesma and Gerard B. M. Heuvelink
      Automatic detection and correction of heterogeneities between networks
    • Alexander C. Walkowski
      On GeoSensor Network optimization using a model-based approach
    • Fabian Wilske
      Approximation of Vague Regions Using Collaborative Tagging Systems
    • Chamseddine Zaki, Myriam Servières and Guillaume Moreau
      An ontology-based model for representing evolution of both data and semantic in GIS


    • Peter Baumann
      OGC Raster Processing Services: Standardization and Implementation
    • Matthias Böhmer, Gernot Bauer, Wolfgang Wicht
      User-driven Provision and Profile-/Context-aware Consumption of Mobile Geo Widgets
    • Miguel Gonzalez Calleja
      The IMEDEA Geoportal Approach
    • Xiaoyang Gao, Åke Sivertun
      WEB GIS Based on Tourism Information System: an Application Case Study
    • Lydia E. Gerharz, Edzer J. Pebesma, Antonio Krüger
      Combining positional data and real-time environmental modelling techniques for personal exposure estimation
    • Jan Torben Heuer
      Privacy in the social semantic web: a tag-sharing network
    • Ben Ingram, Dan Cornford
      An approach to sensor fusion using geostatistics
    • Michael Klafft, Tobias Kräntzer, Ulrich Meissen, Agnès Voisard
      SAFE: A Sensor-Actuator-based Early-warning System for Extreme Weather Conditions
    • Sven Luzar, Gernot Bauer
      NAVIKI – The Navigation Wiki
    • Andreas Völker, Andreas Müterthies
      Landscape ecological modelling as an image analysis knowledge base for the automatic extraction of cultural landscape elements
    • Matthew Williams, Dan Cornford, Lucy Bastin, Ben Ingram
      Conceptual model for uncertainty