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Recent developments in Geoinformation and GI Technology show a clear trend towards mobile solutions. Many groups of users need up-to-date spatial information on the spot to assist them in making their decisions. Car drivers use navigation systems for route planning, Location Based Services communicate geospatial information to business travellers and public utility companies use mobile devices for data acquisition - just to name a few examples.

Requirements for GI Technologies concerning the mobile use of Geoinformation are created by science, business and public administration. The integration of research results, technology, business and organizational processes is necessary to fulfil these requirements and to improve usability. Mobility is also increasingly required by researchers and students with the goal of international cooperation in GI education.

What are the consequences of the rapid development of mobile GI Technologies for business, public administration and science? Which are the most pressing research topics? What products and services are requested? What about the legal and economic framework? Discussing and answering these questions will be the major goal of the Münster GI-days 2004.

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